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In order to explore the impact of segregation and panic on a smaller scale we imagined the form of response Paris might chose to adopt in order to maintain its feeling of safety. What would the ultimate despotic environment produce as a social response to the problem?

As the past has shown us, the city has always responded by enclosing itself or by eliminating what it considered as dangerous public spaces. In wake of 2015 attack in Paris we have seen a rise in governmental power and the militarization of the police force.

Among the more conservative social fabric of the city we sense a form of distrust and paranoia with certain ethical minorities. The apparatus functions as a secret military confinement base, a rehabilitation centre and a social centre / indoctrination camp..

Upon arriving in the complex, the user suffers systematic changes to his physical and metal state.

The project is divided in to public and military usage, the existing public facility function to distract and entertain the general population while on the other side the military confinement units are enclosed and hidden. This duality of public brings to the project a constant tension that plays on the notions of trust and fear; hidden and visible.

The passage from public to military is a gradient transition from the cultural centre to the detention cells.