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Hello and welcome to the memory collection device. This device is for you to use at your own free will. We propose that you sit and share with us your memories your feeling and desires. We do not judge or deny anybody. You have complete freedom of expression but keep in mind that you and you alone are responsible for your actions. Your testimony will be automatically send to the cloud and be available publicly.

Now let your memories flow and describe your neighborhood, your surrounding, where did you grow up? What do you know about this neighborhood that nobody know? What do wish to see changed in city of Creteil?

The fact that you are continuing this exercise of memory confirms your approval to distribute and use this video for public distribution. This collection device is put in place so that the psychographic collective map of the neighborhood can be created. This collective cloud is assemble by the difference personal events that have imprinted in the memory of the users. Because the space is constant and the variable is the personal impression of the space we are able to create an abstract but much more personal timeline of events that define the city.