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In a consumer society there are few options for the everyday consumer to manifest his true wishes and not just be influence by general opinion. By creating a platform that allows for endless permutations and personalization, one can find it easier to express his desire. The customization encourage users to interact with the surrounding environment and other people thus creating a sort of a game, a quest where the actors are the citizens of the city.

Instead of creating a self-sufficient environment for the plant, the plant will grow in an ecosystem were the missing resources needs to be added by the maker hacker.

A cityhacker will install this in public spaces and the public will get to take care of it, play with it or just enjoy it. The plant will communicate its needs by wifi or visual and audio signals. For example a plant may demand you to turn a leaver for it to have energy were another one will tell you to sing for her, this choice of personalization will give the maker a infinite possibility to play with his environment.