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ACT 1. Projection. Video 1 One signle human shape is projected the image is blurry and then becomes sharp, decomposing in to a cloud points. Shape starts to shake and vibrate another human form starts to become recognizable, its puling itself from the first body trying to escape. Reaping pulling, the point cloud changes orientation each step the ghost takes.

Scene continues for a 2:00 min. The bodies separate each ghost projection goes separate ways. Female form goes to the left muscle right. Music slows down. real characters+video mapping

Human figures appear. The projections are tracking there movements. White texture responding to the music The male character is dressed in black with a white mask. Female character is dress also in black with a white robe and a mask.

The characters explore there new surrounding they are seeing each other from the exterior for the first time. The male character is shy and seems vulnerable. Female character strong and robust.

They are exploring each others differences comparing their moments, position, body parts. Male character is jealous steal the white robe. A fight brakes. Textures become more chaotic. Male character escapes. Female character is disoriented doesn’t understand the feeling of jealousy or rage. Emotion of curiosity changes in frustration. She will try to use the projects to create a new robe each time she gathers the light particle near here they start to disappear. She is left in the dark.