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The project proposes a method for collective design and fabrication of ephemeral spaces for community activities and workshops, on residual urban spaces. The activation of those spaces is creating a new dynamic within the local community.

The traditional scheme of architectural creation – conception, fabrication, appropriation – is not adapted as the community is involved only at the end of the process, after the construction.

The project aims to create an early sense of appropriation by putting the community at the centre of the project with the implementation of workshops based on the use of digital tools.

The project rely on the design of a VR-AR based software to propose an intuitive, interactive and immersive design experience. The virtual designs that would result from the workshops are then submitted to a topological optimization process and then fabricated with digital tools.

The process result in mass customized architecture as the various possible design outcomes are unique, resulting from series of negotiations between the members of the community.