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A)Dialog is a light choreography that allows the user to translate its emotions in splinters of brightness. Glowing spaces emerge, line up, entangle, adjust, calm down, thus creating structural symbols dancing by the beat of the emotional state. Each visitor can therefore become the bandmaster of this audiovisual performance, just by wearing the EEG carefully tuned for the occasion.

Can a machine have empathy and curiosity embedded in its core functions ?

What can we learn from a machine that studies humans and can we rediscover ourselves through machines?

Overwhelmed by the rational reasoning that navigates our everyday live, we ignore other emotive stimulus and don’t recognize their presence. “A)Dialog” transposes the participant in a immersive experience where he interacts with projected shapes and volumes. An EEG reader is used to gather information about the user’s brain activity and thus deduce some emotional states. The user needs to summon his emotional activity in order to stimulate the variation that alters the projection’s pattern. This process allows the user to acknowledge the presence of his own emotions and the ability to control and alter them.