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The D.M.T. pavilion [ Digital Mental Transposition ] is an interactive and immersive installation that allows the public to alter the ambiance of the space based on their emotional state. Using an EEG (Electroencephalogram) headset, the brain activity influences the kinetics of the structure which impact emphatically to the user’s global experience. This installation will open for the first time in the Parc de la Villette, next to the Folie #5 of Tschumi, during the Nuit Blanche 2018.

What is DMT?
D.M.T stands for Digital Mental Transposition. A subject’s mental activity is transposed digitally into artistic performance via an EEG (Electroencephalogram) headset. The D.M.T project reunited designers, scientists and developers from diverse fields to create an ephemeral experience.
The structure changes its geometry and ambience in relationship to the brain activity of the users inside it. It was created for the art exhibition NUIT BLANCHE, in Parc de la Villette Paris.
This project is part of a series of experiments that In-Dialog is creating, where we are testing different systems that challenge the conventional human/machine interaction. The Pavilion has a biofeedback system that allows the visitors to transpose their mental activity into an audio-visual performance.

How does DMT work?
When the visitor steps into the Pavilion he/she is given an EEG headset and joins the other visitors who are taking part in this experiment. As he/she starts concentrating his/her energy and stimulating his/her brain activity, he/she starts noticing a change in geometry of the pavilion. As time passes the visuals that are projected on the side of the pavilion also change.
The observer will first test their concentration, excitement and focused level to see how it influences the pavilion. As he/she becomes more comfortable with the installation he/she starts inducing in himself/herself different mental states in order to interact with the installation. Compelling the visitors to focus on their inner state, the pavilion offers a moment of silent dialog between the visitor and the artwork.This creates a unique experience where the users have to stimulate their brain activity in order to interact with the system.
The pavilion offers a unique experience that is contemplative and challenging at the same time. Inducing a meditative state in the users, making them become more aware of their energy and the people that are around.
This project was created with the goal of generating an empathic moment where people can share collective experiences, such as meditative, transformative, sensorial, and social experiences

The key concept of the project was to arrive at creating an empathic dialog with machines. D.M.T Pavilion pushed the normal conventional design thinking. It created a work methodology that is informed from multiple disciplines to create a single artistic and architectural gesture that the user can interact on a cognitive level.

A project like DMT is just the first of such endeavours that we have taken. The Pavilion is a testimony to a design process that strives to showcase the potential of interactive technology, by giving the user an immersive personalised experience.