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Norbert Weiner the father of Cybernetics, constantly questioned the role of humans next to advanced machines. His main body of research revolved around defining the link between man and machines, developing communication systems that allow for an exchange of information.

Part of this process requires a quantification of the human condition in order to transpose information in a format that a machine can understand. Today with the advances of Ai and Neuronal Networks this process of teaching machines about the complexity of the human existence has started to inch closer to reality.

The performance (re)Birth is an attempt, in a satirical way, to express the question of “What is the role of humans next to machine ?”. The plot of (re)Birth centres around a dancer discovering his alter ego through a process of self destruction, emancipation of identity and transposition of self. The alter ego, call the Entity, is actually a digital puppet controlled by an Artificial Intelligence. This AI learns that language of dance in real time, interacting with the dancer and studying his moves.

The empty repositories of the computer where information is stored, is similar to the mind of a child. Learning by copying the world around him, the Entity slowly understands how to express itself by movement and rhythm. At the end of the performance the AI and Human merge together to create an intricate dance, representing the synergy between these two sides of existence : Rational and Emotional.