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The Hive
Chapter 1: Paradise Hills

In-Dialog is an emerging artist studio that works with digital tools to create immersive experiences aimed at questioning the role of humans in a digitalized society. As a form of self-critique, the storyline is exploring the emotions of uncertainty, confusion and discontent that are present in the collective imagination of our times. The three main themes that are explored as sources of this emotional restlessness are: popular discontent, Political instability and Techno-utopias. The aim of this installation is to recreate the sensation of information overload, to put the observer in a state of ambivalence. Surreal landscapes, inspired by contemporary geopolitical events, compose this imaginary place where the observer can roam around and explore. Faced with episodes of seemingly unrelated happenings, the participants are invited to interpret the references behind each scene through their own judgment.

The installation is composed of two elements: the Island and a series of Stations, secondary windows connected to the same imaginary place. On the Island is projected the 3D environment, an axonometric viewpoint that shows, in the manner of a painting, the landscape from the very specific angle where the composition should be seen. From the Stations, the public can explore the landscape in a first person's perspective, through the eyes of the Agents. Those multiple points of view complement each other, allowing a portal into this universe to let the public have an in-depth insight of Paradise Hills.