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Project developped in residency at the Château Ephémère, and laureat of the 2019 Grant by Pépinières Européennes de Création

Inspired by the organic communication between crickets, In-dialog collective created a series of digital entities that mimic the sound-scape of these insects. The digital replicas act independently whilst being aware of each other, thus simulating a swarm behavior. They communicate between themselves using only auditory signals. Each digital creature has a unique tone signature that other ones can listen for and react accordingly.

Crickets sing to attract mating partners or during aggressive interactions with rivals. In their songs they use a pure-tone in which the dominant frequency is usually the lowest harmonic (fundamental frequency), and depending on the species is generally in the range of 3000-8000 Hz. Crickets produce two types of tones: the low amplitude sounds are generally used as calling songs; while the much louder ones are used for asserting presence and defending their territory.