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The user’s experience is at the hart of our creative process. Our methodology challenges the way we look at design by using interactive systems to augment the users perception. Taking technology as a medium for artistic expression, we form a narrative that communicates directly to the audience. This approach is generated from our research in understanding how people interact with machines.

Research / Design / Development / Prototyping

What we do :

> We produce and manage creative technology projects from concept to implementation.

Research and development

With our in-house team of developers and designers we take on research project that have an artistic direction while using state of the art technology. Mostly made for art festivals, gallery and museums this experiments allows us to have playground where we can test out our latest ideas.


Using the experience of the R&D team we provide a pallet of services that reflect the unique skill set of the design studio. We take client challenges and assist them in creating interactive systems that can be imbedded or stand alone.